By Ryan Gniadek

MCTARS is a federation of Teenage Republicans clubs in Montgomery County, MD, and is recognized as an auxiliary of the Montgomery County Republican Party.

The objectives of MCTARS are as follows:

  1. Mobilize conservative teenagers across the Montgomery County and integrate them into the political process
  2. Spread conservative principles and support the goals of the Republican Party
  3. Coordinate activities and events throughout Montgomery County
  4. Support Republican candidates on a non-discriminatory basis
  5. Maintain positive relationships with other Republican auxiliaries
  6. Help educate the future conservative leaders of the Republican Party

The MCTARS is governed by an Executive Board which is elected every year at the MCTARS Convention. The elected members are, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Tresurer, and Secretary. The Executive Director, who is appointed by the Chair, also is a voting member of the Board. MCTARS also has one Advisor, who is selected by the Chair of the MCGOP, to provide guidance and supervision to our organization.

We’d love for you to join us! Find us on Facebook or shoot us an email if you are interested.