By Ryan Gniadek

TO: Jack Smith, PhD

CC: Montgomery County Board of Education

Dr. Jack Smith,

As the superintendent of MCPS, you are certainly aware of the recent tragedy at Rockville High School. I am writing you today, as one of the students you are supposed to represent, to express my extreme disappointment in our school district.

Before President Trump’s inauguration, MCPS showed students a video reaffirming MCPS “Sanctuary” policy. But who is this sanctuary for? This was not a sanctuary for the girl who was just raped. Not only do sanctuary policies allow active lawbreakers to roam our schools, but they are antagonistic to a free society. As Brigitta Mullican said during her testimony to the Rockville City Council, “The Constitution demands Equal Protection under the Law.  Our freedoms are in jeopardy if governments, at whatever level, decide to enforce only the laws that they like, and ignore the laws that they do not like.  If you do not like a particular law, work to change it.  Do not just ignore it.” MCPS defied the law; the result was a brutal rape.

Your policies exposed this innocent freshman to unimaginable terror. Dr. Smith, you have blood on your hands. The two rapists were here illegally and enrolled as freshman regardless of being 17 and 18. A superintendent who allows that to happen has put political correctness ahead of public safety.

For years, MCPS has bent the law. This rape at Rockville High School should be a wake up call. Now is the time to reverse the sanctuary school policy.

How does it feel to be responsible for the merciless double rape of a 14 year old girl?


For Liberty,

Ryan Gniadek


Montgomery County Federation of Teenage Republicans