Republican Values

Why We are Republicans:

What makes us different from Democrats or other parties?  We believe:

  • Individual ability, dignity, freedom & responsibility are basic to good government.
  • Free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative and incentive produce a strong economy.
  • Equal rights, justice and opportunity belong to all.
  • The preservation of our nation and security of our citizens depend on every citizen’s respect for the Constitution, the law and the courts.
  • Government exists to protect the freedom of the individual, not restrict it.
  • Government should only get involved in the things which people can’t do well themselves.
  • Both government and society should assist people who can’t provide for themselves.  It should help them become self-supporting, productive citizens who pride independence.
  • No man has the right to live off the fruits of another man’s labor.
  • Government must maintain sound money and a responsible economy.  The rights of life and liberty are meaningless if citizens are deprived through excessive taxation, inflation and government waste.
  • World peace and friendship will continue through strength.

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